IP Address is an exclusive IP address. Exclusive IP addresses inside is used as a LAN local area network (LAN) & are never seen on the internet. Exclusive IP addresses are described in RFC 4193 (IPv6) & RFC 1918 (IPv4). Login is the exclusive IP kept for retrieving routers admin panel. This and other IPs such as,,, etc are accepted unanimously global standards for router IPs. In literature, it is even called “Default Gateway IP”. Not everyone’s routers are the same. Also, there are variations between various models of similar firms. These firms as login IP are using

An IP address in the series – This address range used in home networks a router will divide to every device (laptop, I pad, Home PC, Cellular phone, etc.) automatically of the local network.

The IP address is enrolled by the IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority as a part of the exclusive network. IP addresses in the exclusive space are not allotted to any organization & any person can exercise these IP addresses without permitted by a local Internet registry as termed by RFC 1918, not like public IP addresses. – IP range where the IP is section of is an exclusive IP range ensuring the standards fixed by RFC 1918. Addresses such as are not accepted on the public Internet. If the personal network requires to link with the internet, it should use as a gateway or proxy server.

Username & Password 


Why are addresses such as very familiar?

As informed, the IP address is part of a personal class C network. The series of these networks is – This makes several probable IP addresses 65,535. This extend is usually used on personal networks as many routers are designed with, or, as their default address.

If you link to this network by your phone, or laptop, tablet, you receive an IP address such as in this situation.

Retrieving the router

  • Each router is accessible by the browser. Write in the browser if the router IP address is
  • You will find a login webpage. The most often used passwords &usernames are “1234” admin or “none”. Please check through your route records.
  • If th IP address isn’t your router IP, you may get back the router IP with the command Ipconfig.
  • Accessing your admin webpage you might use your admin webpage by writing in the address bar of your web browser and you may verify the login password.